The Coat

Choreography: Faizah Grootens in collaboration with Diego Vázquez
Dancers: Faizah Grootens and Diego Vázquez
Music: Camerata Romeu and Alberto Iglesias
Light and Costume Design: Diego Vázquez
Running Time: 18 minutes
A coat as a metaphor of comfort, strength and support turns into a main character alongside the two dancers. A coat that becomes a person itself for all that it might represent. An object that is related to protection or a natural shield organically related to identity. But, what’s identity nowadays? The coat talks about all these matters, in addition to those that are undoubtedly relevant to us such as androgyny, longing to belong (to someone or something) and destiny. The intense platonic relation between the dancers exposes the need for safety and a place to hide in.

Manasseh and The Schizophrenia

Choreography, Set Design, Costume Design and Light Design: Diego Vázquez
Music: J. Brahms, F. Händel and Andrés Solis
Dancers: 7
Running Time: 45 min.
Manasseh and The Schizophrenia is a narrative choreography about memory, the reminiscence of traumatic events, the conflict to live after a trauma and the search for a way to overcome it.
Manasseh means "the one that makes me forget". This story of a soldier named Manasseh who has experienced the atrocity of a war and longs to find a way to forget the images that torment him. As occurs regularly after a traumatic event of this type, the brain may produce neurotransmitters in a way that diseases such as schizophrenia are developed. This is the case of the main character of this work.
The choreographer is interested in portraying that sometimes it is not necessary to suffer this disease or to possess a schizoid personality to experience the torment of living with different voices, opinions and internal judgments regarding an event, especially in a moment of crisis or deep sadness.
This choreography is divided into 6 scenes. Three are marked by the three movements of the Concerto in a minor for violin and cello, op. 102, "Double" by Brahms, two interludes created by Andrés Solís, and the aria "Serse: Aria Ombra Mai Fù", by Handel.
Scene 1: War.
Scene 2: Childhood.
Scene 3: In the Garden of Shadows.
Scene 4: Manasseh and the Schizophrenia.
Scene 5: The hospital
Scene 6: Like any person.


Choreography and intrepretation: Sarah Matry-Guerre and Jairo Cruz Gonzalez
Music: TONO production
Light Design:Diego Vázquez
Costumes: Luciana Corres and Irani Bustamante
Running time: 25 min.
2 dancers 
Saudade is a duet that explores the longing for something so ambiguous that it is indefinable and the dissatisfaction with the unfulfilled desire for return.

False Cognate

Choreography, Set Design, Costume Design and Light Design: Diego Vázquez

Music: Frédéric Chopin

Première: October 2014

Running Time: 22 min.

False Cognate is inspired by the relationship the choreographer has with the Bible and the confrontation he suffers through it. False Cognate is a personal journey that originates in the mind, and arises from confusions that might occur during an inner conversation. There are misinterpretations in meanings and significations, when one comes to believe concepts that are a lie, an illusion or an unresolved riddle. False Cognate is a term used to describe when two words in different languages are similar in form and pronunciation, but have different roots, hence different meanings.




Quizá esta vez...

Choreography, Set Design, Costume Design and Light Design: Diego Vázquez 

Production: Laleget Danza & Compañía Nacional de Danza

Music: The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080 - Contrapunctus #14, J.S. Bach.

Première: June 16th, 2016

Dancer: Mayuko Nihei

Running Time: 10 min.

Maybe this time around it won't be like a sea wave,
that goes back and forward...
Maybe this time around I stay firm...
Maybe this time around my mood is affirmed...
Maybe this time around hope shall hold me...




Choreography: Faizah Grootens and Diego Vázquez

Production: Teatro Luna Blou, Curaçao

Music: Raúl Maduro

Set Design and Costume Design: Laleget

Light Design: Gabriel Pascal and Diego Vázquez

Première: January 17, 2015

Dancers: Faizah Grootens and Diego ázquez

Running Time: 27 min

Pendiente is a contemporary dance duet inspired by images, atmospheres and situations of the famous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”.
This is a non-narrative choreography, but addresses recurring themes in the novel such as a prohibited love, violence, revenge and disdain. García Marquez' work, an essential part of Latin American cultural identity, serves as a meeting point for the three creators of this piece. It is an encounter of two different nationalities but with shared roots: Raúl Maduro, sound artist from Curaçao, Diego Vázquez, Mexican dancer and choreographer and Faizah Grootens, dancer and choreographer from Curaçao.



Choreography: Diego Vázquez

Set Design: Oliver Layseca

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Light Design: Gabriel Torres

Costume Design: Diego Vázquez and Oliver Layseca

Premier:  Laleget Danza and Ballet Morelos, 2011

50 min.



Les noces

Choreography: Diego Vázquez*

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Dancer: Beatriz Madrid

Light Design:  Gabriel Pascal**

Set: Gabriel Pascal** y Diego Vázquez*

Costume Design: Diego Vázquez* y Beatriz Madrid

Prèmiere: April 2013

35 min.

Clean Slate

Choreography, Set & Costume Design: Diego Vázquez

Music: Arvo Pärt

Light Design: Gabriel Torres & Diego Vázquez

Première: Ballet Morelos, 2009


7 dancers

Mariachi Tempo

Concept, Choreography and costume Design: Diego Vázquez

Music: El Cascabel, El son de la negra, La culebra y Mundo raro (José Alfredo Jiménez)

Light Design: Carlos Arce

Premier: Ballet de Morelos. México. 2010

13 min.


Choreography, Set & Costume Design: Diego Vázquez

Original Score: Rogelio Sosa

Light Design: Gabriel Pascal

Première: Laleget Danza, 2010

35 min.

5 dancers

Mengua, mengua

"Mengua, mengua: and the Light shineth in darkness"

Choreography Costume Design: Diego Vázquez

Music: Marcela Rodríguez, Funesta: Soneto 164 and Afuera

Set & Light Design: Gabriel Torres Vargas

Dancer: Carolina Ureta

Soprano: Catalina Rodríguez or Verónica Murúa

Production: Mengua Inc. and Laleget Danza

Première: Ballet Morelos, 2013


The World in my Eyes (Asídechido)

Choreography and Costume Design: Diego Vázquez

Music: The Cure and Depeche Mode

Set and Light Design: Gabirel Torres

Premiére: October 2013


8 dancers