Choreography: Faizah Grootens and Diego Vázquez

Production: Teatro Luna Blou, Curaçao

Music: Raúl Maduro

Set Design and Costume Design: Laleget

Light Design: Gabriel Pascal and Diego Vázquez

Première: January 17, 2015

Dancers: Faizah Grootens and Diego ázquez

Running Time: 27 min

Pendiente is a contemporary dance duet inspired by images, atmospheres and situations of the famous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”.
This is a non-narrative choreography, but addresses recurring themes in the novel such as a prohibited love, violence, revenge and disdain. García Marquez' work, an essential part of Latin American cultural identity, serves as a meeting point for the three creators of this piece. It is an encounter of two different nationalities but with shared roots: Raúl Maduro, sound artist from Curaçao, Diego Vázquez, Mexican dancer and choreographer and Faizah Grootens, dancer and choreographer from Curaçao.