Sarah Matry-Guerre - Choreographer and Dancer

Sarah began her training at the Conservatory of her hometown, Montpellier, France. She continued her education at the Laban Center in London, UK, where she obtained her Certificate of Higher Education. In 2011, Sarah received her BFA Sum Cum Laude at the New World School of the Arts in Miami under the direction of Daniel Lewis. Soon after, she started freelancing in New York city and in Europe with choreographers such as Robert Battle, Stefanie Nelson, Zvi Gotheiner, Johannes Wieland and Yann Lheureux among others. Sarah has been dancing with Tania Pérez Salas dance Company since 2012 and has recently became artistic assistant. 
As a choreographer, Sarah's works have been presented in the DTW Festival (NYC), Opéra Comédie (Montpellier, FR), Festival Cultura Sinaloa (Sinaloa, MEX) and most recently at the national Auditorium in Mexico City. 
She collaborates with Laleget Danza as a dancer and Choreographer since June 2017.