Dance that "goes" directly to the soul

Laleget Danza is an ensemble of young dancers and choreographers of different nationalities who have gathered in Mexico City to explore contemporary dance, offering a contribution that is committed to our times.
Based on their mastery of diverse dance techniques, Laleget Danza has produced a repertoire that has been presented in many cities of Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Curaçao. As its Hebraic meaning suggests, Laleget Danza aims “to go” directly to the soul of the audience, moving emotions and leading the mind in a state of reflection.through which dancers go beyond simple performance to recreate their own inner worlds as well as the reality that surrounds them.
In 16 years of intense work, Laleget Danza has become one of the most prestigious dance companies in Mexico owing to its innovative images, high technical level and exciting choreographies.
Diego Vázquez, its current Artistic Director and Choreographer founded Laleget Danza in 2005. The company regularly carries out seasons in Mexico's most important venues and festivals such as Palacio de Bellas Artes, Teatro de la Ciudad, Teatro de las Artes, Sala Miguel Covarrubias.
Laleget Dance regularly receives support from the Ministry of Culture of México, Ministry of Culture of the State of Morelos, the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA), Danza UNAM and the Fine Arts National Institute.
Laleget's repertoire is known for creating contemporary choreographies focusing on identity, inclusiveness and diversity, but also for using complete music scores by classic composers such as Chopin, Schumann, Tchaikovski, Brahms and Bach, and contemporary authors like Stravinski, Pärt, Revueltas y Chávez. Laleget also collaborates with the renowned Mexican composers and sound artists Rogelio Sosa and Andrés Solís.
Benjamín Franklin 176, Col, Escandón, 11800, CDMX, Mexico.
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